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  • Avatar Elita Jill Cruz ★★★★★ a month ago
    Our house is always full of music and its all because of Coralie Harless. We are so lucky to have found her. From day one, she has always been there - above and beyond - teaching, nurturing our kids love, not only in piano but in music. … More She always put extra thought and care in her lessons. She tells them about the composers, and how they were able to compose such beautiful music. My kids absolutely love it when she shares personal anecdotes related to the piece they are learning. She understands that every child is different and so she takes the time to get to know each child and their strengths and weaknesses in order to help them learn at their own pace. We are forever grateful to Coralie, she will always have a special place in our kids hearts. No matter how many teachers our girls had/will have, Coralie will always be their favorite teacher.
  • Avatar Haihong Zhao ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Both my kids have been learning piano with Ms. Coralie for several years. She is very professional and inspiring. The way of her teaching, communication, and making tailored plans keep my kids interested and challenged. My kids love learning … More piano with her. They are always happy and excited after each class. I believe the strong bond between students and teachers is a key factor in kids' learning. I am very happy that I found Ms. Coralie as my kids' piano teacher. Highly recommended.
  • Avatar Laura Titley ★★★★★ a month ago
    Coralie’s group lessons are amazing! My son has been taking lessons for 6 years and my daughter has been taking lessons for 2 years. Coralie’s love for her profession shines through to the children and their piano skill development … More has always exceeded my expectations! She has her teaching methods dialed in which results in successful music reading and piano playing at all ages and stages. I have recommended her to everyone I know! We love her!!

Fun Piano Lessons With Real Results

In a few weeks, students can play music they know with both hands.

My husband and I are the parents of five daughters (ages 11-20), all of whom have taken piano lessons from Coralie Harless. I have to say that I was absolutely amazed to see and hear their progress after just a few piano lessons …    Shelly Brown | Parent

Rapid progress motivates

My son has thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Harless’ piano classes. Every time I pick him up from his lesson, he always has a big smile on his face and is motivated to do his practicing …    Julie Johns | Parent

Better teaching methods make a difference

… Coralie is an amazing concert pianist, as well as an accompanist, and can sight read anything put in front of her. She passes along these critical classical skills to her students, while adding a variety of music and styles to capture and hold the attention of students at every skill level. Her method is brilliant!    Debbie Bromley | Vocal Teacher


Practice is the greatest key to success. Students are motivated by the success of others. No one wants to be left behind. Groups provide a powerful incentive to practice when students know that their peers will be listening.


Students hear and see how others are doing. This helps them to learn proper modeling. Even errors become great teaching opportunities.


Too many Students drop out of traditional lessons. My methods are designed to make learning a fun experience.

Hunter took private lessons with Coralie initially and I thought that was great, but his real progress and learning came when she started the group lessons. Having to keep pace with the other students and his competition to try to be better than the rest has been very motivating for Hunter to practice. It has helped to slow him down to get the notes and fingering right. His skill level has surpassed all of our expectations and now he is composing pieces for the piano and also for orchestra.

Sandy PruettParent

Playing For Others

It’s a terrible waste when people learn to play but never develop confidence to play in public.  Learning in small groups begins this playing with others from the beginning.  We play as “Service” in the retirement homes, often within months of learning simple music.  I provide the opportunities and incentives for these opportunities because it’s vital to their learning experience.  My students regularly perform in the communities where they live by accompanying at Church, School Productions, High School Jazz Bands, Graduations, Funerals, Weddings, Baptims, etc.


Recitals are kept short and sweet and are held in the spring of each year where we welcome family and friends to join us.


Traditional piano lessons focus on lesson books that most students find boring.  Students respond much better when we supplement their foundation with music they know and love.  My method gets students reading from the very beginning, then learning to sight read, play by ear, improv, compose and perform.

Want To Get Started?

Send me an Email, it’s the best way to connect.  Tell me about your student then let’s set up an appointment to meet.  It only takes 15-20 minutes but gives you a good idea if this is the best place for your child.

Slide I had taken piano for 5 years before taking from Coralie. I hated to practice! I was not advancing and I was not being very challenged, so it was not fun. My mom bribed me to start taking from Coralie, but I am so glad she did. I learned more from her in a year than I had in my past five years combined.

Ashley | Former Student
Slide When I began my search for a piano teacher for my daughter, Allie, I knew that I wanted someone who was very skilled at playing the piano, but also someone with a warm, positive approach in dealing with children. Mrs. Harless came highly recommended to me, and I was drawn to and intrigued by her group-style lessons and thought we'd "give it a try." I loved the fact that my daughter would be playing in front of and learning along with a small group of students each week. Well, here we are - 2 1/2 years later - and THRILLED that we found such a wonderful teacher in Mrs. Harless. She is a very consistent and organized teacher, and one who does a great job of communicating with parents on a regular basis. Allie looks forward to attending piano lessons each week, and she adores Mrs. Harless. As a public school teacher myself, I know how important it is to not only teach the curriculum, but also to establish a rapport with your students and give them the self-confidence they need to be successful, and Mrs. Harless certainly has done it all! I have nothing but positive things to say about Mrs. Harless!

Jenny Rohlfs | Parent
Slide I have known Coralie Harless for many years as a teacher, mentor and friend. I took piano lessons from her for five years during which time I gained a greater love for the piano. Coralie has such an enthusiasm for what she does that it's very contagious. It's hard not to enjoy playing the piano when she is around. I also was able to teach piano for several years and was fortunate enough to have Coralie show me the ropes. I have been able to observe her teaching now in a group setting and I see the kids learning so much more than they would on an individual basis. Coralie still gives them instructions individually but they are also able to learn from others and being among their peers motivates them to practice more. I would highly recommend Coralie as a piano teacher to anyone regardless of whether they are just starting out or have been playing for many years. They can learn a lot from her.

Andrea Wiser | Student
Slide Coralie Harless has my highest recommendation as a piano instructor. She is absolutely the best I've seen. Coralie is an amazing concert pianist, as well as an accompanist, and can sight read anything put in front of her. She passes along these critical classical skills to her students, while adding a variety of music and styles to capture and hold the attention of students at every skill level. Her method is brilliant! The small group piano method miraculously accelerates the learning process. As a vocal instructor, I have learned the effectiveness of class voice, which is required by most music colleges. The students are more motivated, and learn more quickly by being exposed to the abilities, and exchanges with their fellow students. The students in my area miss her sorely. This is a teacher that is loved and respected by all of her students. Don't miss the opportunity to be instructed by this phenomenal piano teacher!

Debbie Bromley | Vocal Teacher
Slide We miss having Coralie as Zach's piano teacher. After we moved we got on a waiting list for the "best" teacher in the area. We got in after a few months for a private lesson time of 7:30 a.m. This woman was very talented, but Zachary was bored stiff. The music she gave him was unexciting and he didn't want to practice like he usually did. Finally he said, "Mom, maybe I just like group lessons or something. Either that, or maybe I just like how Mrs. Harless teaches." We discussed that for a while and we decided that your enthusiasm, teaching style, choice of music and the way you motivate kids to practice (without guilt) were some of the things we totally miss. We also miss your wonderful recitals and that they were kept short and sweet.

Pam Walton | Parent
Slide My husband and I are the parents of five daughters (ages 11-20), all of whom have taken piano lessons from Coralie Harless. I have to say that I was absolutely amazed to see and hear their progress after just a few piano lessons. I couldn't believe what they were capable of doing at the piano in such a short amount of time! Coralie is truly an amazing teacher and not only that, but an amazing person. She has incredible talent, not only for playing the piano herself, and for sharing her passion and love of piano through her teaching style. She has taught my daughters so much about piano theory, history, and just as important, about giving service through their talents at piano. All of my daughters have felt so great after going into convalescent homes and playing for the elderly or retired, or playing in church or at other events. It has been very rewarding to them to share their talents as Coralie has encouraged them to do so in different ways. She is so inspiring to them, as they watch the success she has had in her own life through her powerful teaching style and example. They all have excelled in learning to play because of their experiences with Coralie as their teacher. I really don't think any other teacher could have given them anywhere close to the positive experiences or the rapid learning that they have had with Coralie. I absolutely highly recommend Coralie Harless to everyone as their piano teacher!

Shelly Brown | Parent
Slide My son has thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Harless' piano classes. Every time I pick him up from his lesson, he always has a big smile on his face and is motivated to do his practicing. She offers group lessons, but still tailors the type of music and difficulty to each child's interests and ability. She also supplements their learning with service opportunities to play for family or elderly people, memorizing certain songs, holiday songs, master classes where the children play for a group of fellow students, recitals for family and friends, summer piano camp when they learn about several aspects of music and different instruments and rewards for practicing at home. I know my son will never forget the wonderful experiences he has had in the last couple of years while attending these classes.

Julie Johns | Parent
Slide I have known Coralie for 15 years and hold her in the highest regard both personally and professionally. She is an outstanding teacher and pianist-- dedicated to sharing her time and talents with the students and to helping them develop their own musical gifts. Coralie has had a lasting influence on my two daughters through the years as a role model and friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering piano lessons for their children or even themselves.

Deena Cummings | Parent
Slide There just aren't enough words to express how deeply we have valued Coralie Harless as a music instructor and mentor to our daughter. Allison started and finished her piano career with Coralie and enjoyed every single minute. The development of Allison as a solo pianist and as an accompanist has been outstanding. Her repertoire is extensive, largely due to Allison and Coralie's shared passion for all kinds of music. I can wholeheartedly recommend Coralie Harless and would welcome the opportunity to talk with anyone that needs more information.

Wanda Hom | Parent